Welcome to Equestria, Angband style!

Angband is a "roguelike" RPG, which has somehow stayed strong and enjoyable for 20 years despite its utter lack of ponies.
I fixed that.

Enter Anquestria, a My Little Pony variant on Angband.
I've already made enough changes to make the game feel like My Little Pony, but a great deal of work remains to make this a fully fledged My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic RPG.

Anypony in the brony community is welcome to contribute. Contact me at anquestria@gmail.com and watch for updates here to know how you can contribute.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Project Retired

First, I must apologize to anyone who has had any interest in Anquestria. I've abandoned the project, and didn't communicate that at all.

Several things contributed to me abandoning the game:
  • My roommate who was working on it with me moved out, and without that excitement feedback-loop, my interest waned.
  • I got a new job with a longer commute and hours, so I have less available time.
  • I've slowly lost interest in Angband and other roguelikes. They've still got a hook in me at some level, so I may return, but most likely as a passive consumer rather than a project leader.
  • My design-fever is better satisfied by projects I can complete by myself (rather than relying so heavily on others to do what I can't), such as my Adventure Time TCG (AdventureTCG.blogspot.com).
 Don't worry though, the source code and playable game is still available at https://github.com/natron77/Anquestria for anyone that wants it.

Also, I am still a huge fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and I'll try to use my passion for creating games to entertain the MLP community in some way again soon.