Welcome to Equestria, Angband style!

Angband is a "roguelike" RPG, which has somehow stayed strong and enjoyable for 20 years despite its utter lack of ponies.
I fixed that.

Enter Anquestria, a My Little Pony variant on Angband.
I've already made enough changes to make the game feel like My Little Pony, but a great deal of work remains to make this a fully fledged My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic RPG.

Anypony in the brony community is welcome to contribute. Contact me at anquestria@gmail.com and watch for updates here to know how you can contribute.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tons of new team members, lots of progress, new download!

Despite the lack of updates on the blog here, we've been getting a lot done on the Anquestria Development Team.

We've got awesome designs coming together thanks to our designers, and some code changes are now live in Anquestria 0.12. We've got some great changes in the pipeline too (like a random pony name generator. The best I've seen, if I may be so bold).

Download the newest version of Anquestria in the sidebar to the right. There's a nice streamlined version of the game with only what you need, or you can grab the entire source code.

But what changes were made?
Ranged attacks were changed to be more logical (they benefit from gear +damage) and be more balanced.
Griffons are a new player race, complete with unique benefits and backstory.
Alicorns are no longer selectable. They will be re-added as an unlockable race later :)
Many minor changes.

If you already have Anquestria and want to update to the new version, just do one of these:
Paste the new Anquestria folder over your old one, and let it overwrite. Your save files should be safe and sound.
Or, copy your Anquestria/lib/save and /lib/user folders, and your anquestria.ini, over to the new folder.

As always, come over to our forums to follow development progress and participate!

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