Welcome to Equestria, Angband style!

Angband is a "roguelike" RPG, which has somehow stayed strong and enjoyable for 20 years despite its utter lack of ponies.
I fixed that.

Enter Anquestria, a My Little Pony variant on Angband.
I've already made enough changes to make the game feel like My Little Pony, but a great deal of work remains to make this a fully fledged My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic RPG.

Anypony in the brony community is welcome to contribute. Contact me at anquestria@gmail.com and watch for updates here to know how you can contribute.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Anquestria is playable and downloadable!

Anquestria is now available for download. Give it a try!
EDIT: Because of the GPL license on Angband, I had take down the download until I post the source code. I promise I'll get that up tonight, and the compiled executable will be back up too!

Note that normal Angband characters and settings files are not likely to work for Anquestria, and they most certainly won't after some more planned changes are made. But that doesn't matter because you came here to play as a pony, right?

I'll be posting the source code tomorrow so contributors can help out, and for people that just want to compile it themselves.

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